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Name: Justin
Nicknames: Thumper, Soldierdude, Spunky
Age: 19
Location: Alaska
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: goint out with friends, paintball, playing pool, driving, listening to music, knife throwing, shooting, movies
Favorite Rifle: AR-15
Favorite Magazine: Soldier Of Fortune, Super Street, Car Audio, and a few other fast car mags
Life Goals: Travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world, own a few sexy cars.
The meaning of my name: Justin, a 2-syllable boy's name of Latin origin, means: One who is virtuous; just; upright. Justin's ethnic backgrounds include * Irish * Czech . It has religious backgrounds in * Saints.
Baby Justin

My 1999 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition..aka.."The Pimp Mobile"
Underbody Neon Light on my ride.  Looks sweet huh!  But the police made me take em i put them under my bed!  Can you say...Moodlighting!

Click for Eagle River, Alaska Forecast
(from left to right)my brother Sean, my little dog Rolle, and my wolf dog Fang (1993 - 2003)