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Pictures of the most recent ghillie i made.

I took the netting/burlap from my first suit and put it on to a hooded camo jacket which i cut to make smaller so it could be put over a regular pair of BDU's so i wouldnt have to "change cloths".

This is a ghillie I bought at the Sports Authority.  It is a very good ghillie for leafy areas.  Not so good to crawl in.  Its ment for an upright stalk.  I cut some of the material off so it only hung down to my knees instead of all the way to the ground, this way it wont get caught on things as much.  This ghillie is good because you can blend in to the leaves on the ground with the brown side then turn it over and blend in with the leaves on the branches on the green side of the netting.

This is my second ghillie suit I made.

My brave dog and his ghillie suit.