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Vietnam Marine snipers page.

Another nice ghillie suit vendor.

Really nice ghillie suits.

Another good place for sniper information.

The place for sniping information.

A sweet site about marine snipers.

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A friends sniper site.

Action Village: Paintball, Skateboard, Warhammer
One of the best places to buy paintball equipment.

Verry cool paintball scenario game resource site.

Perfect camo for your paintball goggles.
The place for all things paintball.

The maker of the most sweet looking paintball guns.

Paintball Sniper Site.

Sniper Hide

Ghillie Suit Makers

Future Marine Snipers

One Shot, One Kill

Sniper Dead Ground

Back Woods Paintball


Nice pics and wallpaper of military guns.

A verry interesting web site about self defense books.

Andrew's Navy SEAL site - Everything about the US navy seals including
weapons, training, gear, history, SEAL snipers, Vehicles, Stories, and much
much more

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A friends site about the SAS.

a cool web site about all things military.

My favorite magazine.

A cool band
Another cool band