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Barrett M82A1 Heavy Sniper Rifle
Caliber:.50 BMG
Magazine:10 rounds
Effective Range:1800m

Magazine:10 rounds
Effective Range:500m

H&G PSG-1 Light Sniper Rifle
Caliber: 7.62mm NATO
Magazine:20 rounds
Effective Range:500m

Walther 2000
Caliber:300 win mag
Magazine:6 rounds
Effective Range:1000m

Caliber:7.62 NATO
Magazine:5 rounds
Effective Range:900m

Caliber:7.62 NATO
Magazine:5 rounds
Effective Range:915m

Designated Marksman Rifle
Caliber:7.62 NATO
Magazine:20or5 round mag
Effective Range:822m

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