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1.  Flight suit or some Buds and a boonie hat.
2.  Netting.  Some volly ball netting will do fine.
3.  Burlap in the colors that will match the area that you will be working in.
4.  Shoe goo, and dental floss.
How to build it.

Lay your BDU flat and spread the netting on the back of it.  Cut out the dimensions of the BDU from the netting(see pic1).  Sew the netting on to the BDU with the dental floss.  Add a dab of shoe glue over where u sew the dental floss with the netting to the BDU(see pic 2).  This will ensure that the floss will not get cut or where off.  Now you tie the burlap on too the netting(see pic 2).  Tie about an index fingers worth of 6 inch long burlap on to the netting( see pic 3).  When you fill the back of you ghillie is should look something like pic 4.  Now it is time to start on the legs.  Put the net over the back of one leg and cut out the netting to the dimensions of the leg.  Cut out another piece for the other leg. Sew the netting to the back of both legs.  Attach the burlap like the top of the suit is done.  Now it is time to make the head cover(see pic 5).  You can put on a hood or make a ghillie hat.  Glue the netting to the bonie.  Have some net hanging off the back.  Tie the burlap on like before.  You can shred the burlap for a more grassy look, or you could leave them unshreded for a more broad leaf look for leafy areas.  Both types of textures are shown in pic 3.  After you have made your ghillie suit, you want to wear it in.  Some people suggest that you drag it behind a truck for a little bit (NOT ON THE HIGHWAY!!!), others say get in it and go and wade around in a pond to get it soaked, then hang it up and let it dry.  Another good way to "weather" your ghillie is to use a steel brush and brush the burlap with it like in pic 6.  These methods will get it really worn in and make it look more like the natural surroundings.  As always, you must add natural vegitation while you are on your stalk to blend in properly with the surrounding vegitation.  Almost no ghillie suit will blend in properally without natural vegitation.

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Drag Bag
You can make a drag bag for your rifle by using the pic below and the methods above.

Camo Netting Ghillie

You take a piece of camo netting and cut a hole in the middle for your head.  Then take a smaller piece of camo netting that will drape over your head.