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Sent in By:  Phillip Cordova -


Simmons 1 inch scope ring mounts, any type of bipod that can mount on a hunting rifle, electrical tape or duct tape.

A set of allan keys,flat head screw driver, and if needed hammer.

1. take out the Simmons 1 inch ring mount and unscrew the bolt on the bottom of the mount. the bolt and a rectangular thing with a hole in the middle of it should pop off(you wont need either of these items).

2. now you should have the ring mount, one rectangular object, and a screw still on the scope mount(dont take off the other rectangular thing. the screw thats left is kind of hard to get out so get that hammer or just use the screw driver and bang on the srew until it pops out.

3. ok, good. now use an allan key to loosen the ring mount so it will fit on your barrel snuglly, if it doesnt then use the electrical tape and and wrap the place where you want the scope ring to go then put the ring on the barrel where you wrapped the tape around your barrel and tighten the scope ring very tightly.

4. now simply get the bipod and put it on where the scope ring is, the scope ring should have only one rectangular thing hanging down off of the scope ring that has a hole in it where the screw was, that hole is where you attach the bipods.

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